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How CareerLipht started?

A short story of a Software Developer.

A software Developer has 7+ year of experience and started looking for a new opportunity in the job market. He started job searching and got interview calls from many companies. By the time, interviewers were asking very deep knowledge of his expertise and faced difficulties to clear the interviews. After 6 months of job searching, finally he found a nice job in an international software company. In between those 6 months of time period, he was emotionally depressed and frustrated with those experiences of ups and downs. He gained a lot of technical knowledge by attending 20 to 30 interviews and felt the same way many of the software developers or engineers going through the same pain journey. This made him to think, to share his knowledge with all who are travelling in the same path and looking new opportunities.

Above is my personal life story and here I come with…

The best way to pass the technical interviews.

A collection of 1000+ explanations of popular technical interview problems from top tech companies. Each question and answer taught by 12+ years of real time software engineers worked at different parts of the world. We cover coding, data solutions, logics, and time-space complexity, providing complete "Big O" analysis of problems and solutions.

We discuss each coding problem and provide alternative solutions, walking you through tradeoffs in time and space. Learn exactly how to answer each question to land an offer. We struggled through the interview process, so that you don't have to.

Fast-track your career. Save yourself the years of struggle.

This changes everything.

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